Meeting Space Configurations

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Our meeting room offers 785 square feet of flexible free flowing Ottawa meeting space. So let us know how you would like your Ottawa meeting space set up. We offer three set-up configurations (listed below), but we are very flexible.

If you’d like to provide us with detailed instructions, we will follow them to the letter. Furthermore, if you tell us what sort of meeting you’re hosting, we can make suggestions for how the seating can be arranged.

We will do everything we can to ensure that your meeting is a huge success.

Boardroom Style

If you’re looking to sit a number of people around a table, we will set up your Ottawa meeting space in a boardroom configuration.

This configuration is great for meetings that involve plenty of discussion. We find that ensuring that everyone is face-to-face facilitates an active and productive exchange.

The boardroom configuration seats up to 30.

Classroom Style

The classroom configuration involves rows of tables and chairs all focused on the front of the meeting room. At the front of the meeting room, there is one desk with one or two chairs facing the audience.

It evokes a classroom, and is excellent for speeches, presentations, or meetings that involve a control person, who directs the meeting’s progress.

This is a useful set-up if people attending the meeting will likely wish to take notes.

The classroom configuration seats up to 24, plus those at the front.

Theatre Style

The theatre configuration is great for circumstances where guests will be spending much of their time watching a video and/or listening to a speaker. It involves chairs arranged in neat rows, all facing the front of the meeting room.

The theatre configuration allows for a capacity of 50.

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