Mini Suites

Mini Suites are perfect for the road warrior on the go, and for a short-term residence in Ottawa. They are compact suites that feature our lowest rates, but the same great value that you would find in larger suites. At The Business Inn & Suites you can expect to receive excellent value for your hard-earned dollar, and the Mini Suites are no exception.

Our Mini Suites have many of the features of the higher-end suites. At a cozy 390 square feet, they are excellent for short-term rentals in Ottawa. These suites are also ideal for travelers on a budget. The only difference is that they are expertly packed into a smaller space to meet your budget. With a simple adjustment, the kitchen table doubles in size or the leather couch converts to an electrically controlled easy chair for lounging.   Due to the compact footprint, maximum occupancy is 2 individuals. This suite has a queen sized bed. Please note that this suite does not come with a balcony.

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Our Mini Suites also feature full kitchens, complete with a full-sized fridge and stove.

If you’re in Ottawa for a short term rental, you’re likely going to make good use of this kitchen for eating in. It comes complete with a full set of dishes and pots and pans.

Our Mini Suites are well-furnished. They come complete with a coffee table, couch, and a queen bed. Like all beds at The Business Inn & Suites, the beds in our Mini Suites feature our custom mattresses.

These mattresses are not available in stores and are extremely comfortable. With pillow tops and layered custom linens, you are assured a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive place that will serve as your home base for your stay in Ottawa, Mini Suites at The Business Inn & Suites are the way to go.

Like every other suite in the hotel, our Mini Suites provide a complete office set up, featuring a computer, a 22-inch monitor, high speed Internet, and a printer with unlimited printing.

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