Travel Safeguards


We kindly recommend everyone (i.e. guests, staff, contractors) to either sanitize or wash their hands on arrival. Hand sanitizer is available at all entrances and high traffic areas. At the main entrance a touch-free sink is available for those who prefer hand washing/drying. Free face masks (and gloves) are available at the reception desk.


All room keys, stylus/pens, credit card terminals, and any other touch operated items (i.e. computer mouse, keyboards), are regularly disinfected after use.

Luggage Carts:

Individual/personal disinfecting cloths, are provided adjacent to luggage carts, to thereby permit guests to personally disinfect, before use.

Public Areas:

We thoroughly disinfect our public areas regularly, throughout each day.


Before you arrive, we disinfect all high-touch surfaces, such as light switches, door knobs, and the like. Guests should try not to be in their room when daily housekeeping is taking place.

Air Quality:

We focus on air quality, as almost all Covid-19 transmission is airborne communication. A HEPA-13/hospital quality air filter operates 24/7 in all large public areas (i.e. lobby). All rooms on floors 5 to 12, have a balcony/patio door and thereby provides fresh air ventilation. Every room has a through-the-wall HVAC unit (allowing preferred climate control by each guest). Each HVAC unit also has a fan, that when activated, replaces interior air with exterior air. We have HEPA-13 air filters in all of our rooms. We also have an Oreck air filter in each room. Every room has a tower fan and a Dyson hot/cold fan. In rooms where there is a separate bedroom that does not have its’ own HVAC unit, we have air cooling equipment that also emit healthy negative air ions.


Uniforms are laundered regularly. Our staff have staggered schedules and breaks. Our staff do their best to work individually. We have a no questions asked policy in relation to sick time for staff. A very liberal benefits package for staff is provided, including 100% of vitamins/supplements and immune system modulators (i.e. in relating to Covid-19 prevention).


Our full breakfast selection remains available. We have socially distanced seating in the Breakfast Room(s). Guests can also enjoy their breakfast in their room. We continue to have available complimentary “Grab and Go” style breakfast bags. The Breakfast Room is immediately across from the main elevators on the 3rd floor.

Self-Isolating Guests:

We have a safe and clear self-isolating policy. Self-isolating guests are provided distance check-in. There is also no contact with other guests or staff, during their self-isolation.

Accessible Units:

Our 2 ground floor accessible units have both a HEPA-13 air filter and a HRV unit.

MacLaren’s on Elgin:

The restaurant on site/MacLaren’s on Elgin, also has similar socializing safeguards.